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David Thomason

David is founder and President of Thomason Technologies, LLC, a boutique Internet Security company specializing in leading edge, highly effective security technologies and security consulting services. In 1986, David started his career in security while in the United States Air Force where he was responsible for building systems compliant with the National Security Agency’s C2-level security standard. Later in his Air Force career, Mr. Thomason was one of the founders of the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT). After almost 10 years in the military, he went to work for a defense contractor and continued to serve in the AFCERT. There he was responsible for the successful apprehension by law enforcement of three hackers. David held key positions at companies such as Internet Security Systems, SecureInfo and Sourcefire.

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Chinese Cyber Attacks – For Economic Gain or Cyber Invasion

In December of 2010, long before news broke regarding the Chinese attacks on US critical infrastructure, I got a call from a utility customer that quite simply said, “We’ve been hacked and I don’t know how bad. Can you help?” I was on a plane the next day and over the next seven weeks we tracked a hacker on their internal network. When we finally caught our hacker, the first thing that caught us by surprise was that he was on site. We always suspected a team of foreigners, hired to provide support for a Smart Grid development contract, and in fact we had already confiscated one of their laptops. Still, we couldn’t prove any of them were part of the attack.
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