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A Brief History of Multi-mode Fiber; Are you ready for what’s next?

on 6/21/18 8:00 AM By | Jerry Dillard | 0 Comments | Network Infrastructure Data Center
The magnitude of what we can do on any given mobile device has grown exponentially over the past few decades; our productivity is no longer dependent upon the ability to commute to work, but rather our connectivity to those we work with, network around, or hope to engage.
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The 101 Series: Filtering TAPs

In our 101 network TAP series, we have explained the functionality of the various network TAPs that are available to gain access to the traffic that is typically found in a network. We have reviewed passive fiber TAPs, copper network TAPs, aggregation TAPs, SPAN/regeneration TAPs and the bypass TAP.   Now we have a new 1U or 2U Chassis System that supports our filtering TAPs – which for you, means an affordable 1G Packet Broker System that can do it all in one box.  Read on to see what filtering can do for your network…  
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What White-Box and Brite-Box Mean for Your SDN Deployment

on 11/30/17 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Data Center Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Even though there’s still plenty of excitement surrounding software-defined networking (SDN), the conversation has really changed over the last few years. One of the most-anticipated benefits of building out SDN was the cost savings. That is, until people saw the first practical SDN deployment from Google and realized the multi-year project was quite costly. And without resources similar to Google’s, mainstream SDN started to seem further and further away than expected. Now, SDN is coming into play—but we don’t talk as much about cost savings. Instead, the rise of fabric solutions are sold based on their ability to deliver programmability and centralized control of the network. Will we ever get back to SDN as a means of scalable cost savings? The answer lies in the distinction between white boxes and brite boxes.
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The Controller Problem in Software-Defined Networking

on 10/12/17 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Data Center Software Defined Networking (SDN)
It was great to see our technology partner, Big Switch Networks , included in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking . After years of using the Big Monitoring Fabric (BMF) as a network packet broker/Trojan horse to get into the data center, Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) is driving the commercial, cost-effective SDN fabric market forward. But if you read through the Gartner report, you’ll find a cautionary statement that we want to address: “Despite being an early proponent of open SDN and OpenFlow, Big Switch uses a proprietary protocol within its BCF. Thus, third-party switches cannot be integrated into BCF.”—from the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking This reported concern is worth discussing because it harks back to something that's seemed to hold software-defined networking back for years —the open controller. 
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The Evolution from Monitoring to Software-Defined Networking

One of our technology partners, Big Switch Networks, recently achieved a significant milestone—placement in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking. This achievement is telling of the ever-increasing practicality of software-defined networking. As Big Switch Networks’ SDN solution gains ground in the market, we should look at how data center networking needs are changing. What was once a demand for greater visibility in the data center is quickly becoming a need for more agile, software-defined data center networks.
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Data at Risk Series: Cyber Security Needs of the Healthcare Industry

on 9/19/17 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Data Center Network Security Healthcare
Back in 2013, the healthcare industry took over as the highest value sector of the United States economy with about $21.8 billion in revenue. Healthcare is huge and the sensitive nature of patient information and health records puts a big target on the industry’s back for hackers. Despite heavy regulation, the healthcare industry is seriously lacking in cyber security innovation. It's important to understand the data threats currently facing the healthcare industry and how to avoid being the next victim.
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