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SharkFest Europe: A Common Interest to Better Learn How to Analyze Captured Network Traffic

Posted by Erik Hjelmvik on 11/24/16 8:00 AM

For packet geeks like me, the annual Wireshark conference SharkFest is the place to be in order to meet and network with other packet geeks. However, for various reasons I haven't been able to attend SharkFest before. So when my friend Jasper Bongertz mentioned that there was going to be a SharkFest conference here in Europe I felt that this was a chance I just couldn't miss.

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[Video] It-sa - IT Security Expo and Congress 2016 Post Show Recap

Posted by Timur Ozcan on 10/27/16 8:00 AM

In my six years of exhibiting at the it-sa IT Security Messe and Kongress in Nuremberg, Germany I’ve seen notable changes and significant growth of both the Expo and the trade visitors.

This year the topics on everyone’s minds were identification and prevention of DDoS attacks, Malware and Ransomware as well as all matters about Cyber Security.

Do you know what's going on in your network?

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[Video] Where Would You TAP?

Posted by Randy Clark on 7/21/16 8:00 AM

Is a perfect ice-breaker question when you are exhibiting at CiscoLive! Las Vegas. In fact for those of you that joined Chris Bihary’s presentation, “Find Your Blind Spots,” in the Cisco Security Partner Village, you’ll recall our goal was for you to go home with two facts:

  • Where to TAP it
  • How to keep it [network] up

I am always surprised at how many network professionals still are not aware that network TAPs are the best practice for 100% network uptime, visiblity and access. At least 50% of the attendees at Chris’ presentation were still using SPAN/Mirror ports when deploying network monitoring tools and not utilizing Bypass TAPs for their Cisco ASA/FirePOWER security tools.

Let me be blunt and say, “This is just crazy, what are you thinking?”

And here’s a few reasons why…

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Planning for Visibility at Cisco Live! U.S. 2016

Posted by Chris Bihary on 7/5/16 10:00 AM

After attending Cisco Live Berlin back in February, we marked our calendars for July 10 to July 14 when the show comes to Las Vegas, NV. The Cisco Live shows are meant to bring the world’s foremost technology innovators together for an event filled with educational and networking opportunities.

As we learned in Berlin and last year in San Diego, Cisco Live gives us an opportunity to spread the word about the need for network TAPs for guaranteed network visibility.

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Sharkfest 2016 – Feeding Wireshark Every Bit, Byte and Packet®

Posted by Randy Clark on 6/23/16 8:00 AM

Insights from a first-timer by Randy Clark.

Garland Technology and our CEO/Co-Founder Chris Bihary have been attending and presenting at Sharkfest since its inception in 2008, this was my first dive into Sharkfest and the Wireshark community.

What I enjoyed most was how truly engaged the attendees were. The majority of my interactions were with network engineers that were inquisitive on how network TAPs integrated with Wireshark.

However, my favorite and most common question was, “There are four TAP vendors here, what makes Garland different?”

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[Video] “May the 4th Be with You” Promotion - A BB-8 Could be Yours

Posted by Chris Bihary on 5/3/16 4:47 PM

[Now the "TAPit to WINit" Giveaway]

A long time ago in a galaxy far,

far away….

The GT-TAP1G droid joined the TAP fleet running data missions in the Garland galaxy. Under steady attacks from the dark side of security hacks and lost packets, GT-TAP1G set out to secure 100% Visibility.

Want to help GT-TAP1G reunite with Rey, Chewy, R2-D2 and find the next fabled Jedi?

Win one of your own with the “TAPit to WIN it” Giveaway!

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