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Angelo Bustos

With over 25 years of experience in the application and network performance, Angelo has been able to witness firsthand how hundreds of companies benefited from the tools he’s supported in terms of reliability and security. Early in his career, he’s held roles in QA and Support, before moving on to Sales Engineering and Technical Consulting. He’s had the pleasure of working for companies that helped revolutionize the application and network performance industry such as Cinco Networks, Network General, Network Associates, and Fluke Networks.

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Where TopN monitoring falls short

on 11/13/18 8:00 AM By | Angelo Bustos | 0 Comments |
A case for capturing all packets With the recent Garland Technology and TOYOTech technical partnership, there will literally be no packets left behind in the network world.  Garland’s line of Network TAPs provides complete packet visibility, from the simplest to the most complex network installations. Our parent company TOYO Corp built the first packet capture system capable of supporting rates of up to 100Gbps with no packet loss.  This combined solution provides a robust solution for network professionals where packet analysis is the mantra.
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