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Michael Francisco

As a pioneer in converging network analysis and data science, Quantea allows organizations to fully understand their networks, from macroscopic topologies to nanoseconds worth of network traffic. Quantea’s proven technology will efficiently target the underlying root causes of failures in existing equipment such as network switches, firewalls, and intrusion prevention and detection systems.

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Ensure Digital Integrity to Comply with GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a mandated regulatory standard designed to unify data privacy and security requirements. This regulation affects companies that provide services within the European Union; however, any company that provides services over the internet can be subject to this regulation.  With the ubiquity of internet based services, whether it is social media, streaming content, shopping or accessing your personal records online, personal data privacy and security practices will need to be regulated. Adoption is currently taking place in other regions around the world while using GDPR as a model to scrutinize privacy and security practices.
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