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Network Monitoring with Differentiated Services (DiffServ or SDCP)

on 11/17/16 8:30 AM By | Timur Ozcan | 0 Comments | TAPs vs SPAN Cisco Solutions
Most network engineers are familiar with how to configure a SPAN port on a switch. This is a common way to get access to the network data to perform network analysis and connect various packet capturing monitoring tools to it. When considering packet capture and monitoring of voice-over-IP (VoIP) traffic, it is important to keep in mind that VoIP is highly susceptible to packet loss, latency and jitter and is a frequent area of network troubleshooting. So let me ask you. Besides configuring a SPAN port, do you know the importance of the mirrored data quality in packet analysis?
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[Video] It-sa - IT Security Expo and Congress 2016 Post Show Recap

on 10/27/16 8:00 AM By | Timur Ozcan | 0 Comments | TAPs vs SPAN Network Security Events & News
In my six years of exhibiting at the it-sa IT Security Messe and Kongress in Nuremberg, Germany I’ve seen notable changes and significant growth of both the Expo and the trade visitors. This year the topics on everyone’s minds were identification and prevention of DDoS attacks, Malware and Ransomware as well as all matters about Cyber Security. Do you know what's going on in your network?
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