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Ray Tompkins

Ray Tompkins is the CEO and founder of Gearbit Inc. Ray has more than 34 years experience in the networking industry. Throughout his career, he has managed global enterprise networks for several national and international clients, including Lucent, HP, Compaq and JP Morgan Chase Bank. As the chief network analyst at Gearbit, Ray has developed a reputation for guiding his customers through the complexities of network management and finding the best solution for their critical network and applications issues. Ray has been a speaker and presenter at several industry conferences and events, including Interopt and Sharkfest. Ray has received numerous awards and honors, including: Interop Speaker Forensic Analysis Interop Speaker Application Analysis Interop speaker Tools & Techniques VP Education SWC Association

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Is Your Bypass Showing?

on 5/11/16 8:00 AM By | Ray Tompkins | 0 Comments | Data Center Network Visibility/Monitoring
I’ve titled this one “Your Bypass Is Showing,” because you just can’t make this stuff up. As we conduct analysis on major problems we look for the ordinary first, always with the thought in the back of your mind, "have we seen this one before?" In most cases it’s something new or different.  
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Gearbit Insights on IT Performance Analysis in Complex Environments

Gearbit has pioneered the “Think Like a Packet” approach to IT performance analysis – a methodology that offers tremendous advantages when hunting down the root cause of the complex issues that plague enterprise network, data center and application performance.
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