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Decoding the User Experience with Accedian Network Monitoring

You’re the network IT person at a large firm on a Monday morning locked in a prison of unopened emails. You’ve barely taken a sip of coffee when your phone rings. It’s your boss, “My network isn’t working. It takes 40 extra seconds to open any browser. Fix it.” He hangs up. There are a multitude of issues that could have caused their distress -  Where do you even start? Today, you’re in luck because your firm deploys Garland Technology Network TAPs and Accedian Skylight PVX solution in their architecture. This means as the network detective, you can get to the bottom of the network latency crime quickly. 

The Accedian and Garland solution allows you to gain 100% visibility of your traffic and understand the end-user experience. Accedian looks at the traffic, applications, and transactions 100% of the time. This multifaceted view of an application chain allows you to see exactly where data traffic was latent - How much of that was due to the server? How much was due to the application? How much of that was due to the network? 

Deploying the Accedian and Garland Architecture.

Often times, the Accedian Skylight PVX sensor device is placed off the Garland Technology TAP or Aggregator in the physical infrastructure to ingest data traffic information. The sensor monitors any infrastructure or architecture, whether in the cloud, in on-prem data centers, or internal private virtual networks, the solution looks into all packet data.  

Accedian Diagram

The Accedian Skylight PVX approach to the network is passive and promiscuous, decoding and analyzing the data in real-time. With continuous eyes on network traffic, the solution adds no overhead to the infrastructure, specifically showing the unique attributes between upper layer transactions, parsing out every application message. Accedian and Garland Technology are able to capture and analyze every packet and transaction on the network. The traffic is inspected and saved, extracting key insights from the metadata. 

As networks continue to evolve into a more hybrid center, your data, your systems, and your servers can reside anywhere. While user up-time is important, it’s equally as important to understand what is happening to traffic as it hits the wire. With Garland Technology Network TAPs and Aggregators, users can visibly see what is happening from the north/south perspective of the physical wire to gain a deeper understanding of what the end-user is experiencing. 

New call-to-action

Accedian’s ability to place the software-based sensors inside the hypervisor provides east/west visibility, eliminating blind spots and allowing web server to database traffic to flow. Completing the entire application chain helps determine visibility from the web server to back end sequel farm. This not only helps to understand end-user information to the first tier web server, but also tie in back end calls from the web server to the database server.

Proceeding with Enterprise Cloud Migration 

Accedian’s Skylight PVX and Garland Technology solution is not only useful for existing hybrid solutions, but also for cloud migration. The solution allows you to answer the unknown of impacted tools and user experience. During a cloud migration the Skylight PVX helps to evoke the correct applications, systems, and servers.

The impact of network infrastructure versus the impact of the server is important to understand in complex environments of SD-WAN or hybrid cloud.  As well as making sure service level objectives and agreements are being met, and if they’re not being met, why are they not being met. 

Extracting and Transforming Live Wire Data

There are a host of applications the system can format to drive information needed by the network architect or engineer to troubleshoot issues. Users can decide critical applications from out-of-the-box applications or custom configure to parcel out a specific period of time. That historical data allows network users to quickly and easily define any homegrown application they may need. The monitoring system extracts the exact information an engineer needs to depict and troubleshoot issues in the network.

Using the combined solution of Accedian and Garland Technology, you were able to figure out the issue. Your CEO thinks you're a rock star and you go back to your day-to-day. Great work!

{Ready to learn more about how Accedian and Garland Technology work together to extract & transform live wire data cost-effectively? Watch our latest webinar today!}

Written by Jason Drewniak

Jason Drewniak is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Garland Technology in the Buffalo, New York office. His experience building brands and delighting customers covers a variety of tech-forward products like computers, toys, and beer. At Garland he is responsible for educating network stakeholders about the "Garland Difference!"



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