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Visibility Solutions

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The Beacon of Cybersecurity Enlightenment: Illuminate Threats with Vigilant Vision


Embark on a transformative journey through the cyber realm with Garland Technology's visibility solutions. Discover how Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, and Inline Bypass empower your security operations with insights, accelerated threat detection, and enhanced tool performance, all while upholding CALEA compliance.

Navigating the Cyber Realm with Vigilant Vision

The ability to foresee, detect, and mitigate threats is paramount in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. The intricate dance between attackers and defenders continues to push the boundaries of innovation on both sides.

Garland Technology offers visibility solutions that enable organizations to illuminate threats and fortify their cyber defenses.

In this enlightening exploration, we'll enjoy the transformative power of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, and Inline Bypass uncovering how they elevate forensics detection, accelerate incident response, and amplify tool performance.

As your organization strives to maintain the delicate balance between security and compliance, our solutions emerge as a guiding light, ensuring vigilance prevails over vulnerabilities. 

The Lighthouse of Visibility: Empowering Security Operations

Before embarking on your path, you must see where you're going. Here are some ways to improve your security operations:

Empowering Forensics Detection

Traditional threat detection methods are often reactive, leaving security teams scrambling to piece together the puzzle after an incident occurs. Visibility solutions provide a proactive stance by offering enhanced forensics detection capabilities.

Organizations gain invaluable insights into potential threats through the precise capture and analysis of network traffic, enabling rapid identification, isolation, and containment.

Accelerating Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)

Time is of the essence. Detecting and mitigating threats swiftly can make all the difference in minimizing damage. Network TAPs and Packet Brokers act as accelerators, expediting the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) by providing real-time access to critical network data.

This accelerated incident response empowers security teams to neutralize threats before they wreak havoc, safeguarding digital assets and preserving business continuity.


Guiding the Ship of Compliance: Upholding CALEA Standards

Compliance is the favorable wind that guides the sails. Here's how you can ensure that you are upholding the correct standards:

Elevating Tool Performance

The efficacy of cybersecurity tools hinges on the quality of data they receive. Network TAPs and Packet Brokers optimize tool performance by ensuring a consistent and high-fidelity network traffic stream.

This optimization eliminates data blind spots and enhances the accuracy of threat detection tools, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and take swift action.

Unveiling Cloud Visibility

As organizations migrate to cloud environments, maintaining visibility becomes a challenge. Your solutions extend their vigilant vision into the cloud, providing clarity and insight across both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures.

This unified visibility ensures that threats are not confined to a single realm, allowing security teams to stay ahead of adversaries, even in the cloud.

Enhancing Uptime through Unrivaled Visibility

System uptime is more than just a metric; it reflects your organization's ability to maintain seamless operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business continuity.

Achieving consistent uptime is a complex endeavor, especially in the face of evolving cyber threats and increasing network complexities. This is where the power of enhanced visibility, enabled by Network TAPs and Packet Brokers, comes into play as a catalyst for uptime excellence.

In fact, the Bypass TAP was developed specifically to resolve the problem of an inline tool causing a single point of failure (SPOF) in the network. In the event an inline device becomes unavailable, it is bypassed and traffic is automatically forwarded around the failed tool.

Unmasking Hidden Threats

Threats to uptime can manifest in various forms, from network congestion and hardware failures to malicious cyberattacks. Traditional monitoring approaches, often plagued by data blind spots and fragmented insights, struggle to understand these threats comprehensively.

Network TAPs and Packet Brokers alleviate this challenge by capturing and delivering all network traffic to the relevant monitoring tools.

Ensuring that every bit and byte is scrutinized is paramount. These solutions empower security teams to unmask hidden threats before they wreak havoc.

Whether it's identifying a sudden surge in traffic that could lead to congestion or detecting anomalous patterns indicative of a cyberattack, the enhanced visibility provided by Network TAPs and Packet Brokers enables organizations to respond proactively.

As a result, potential risks are mitigated, downtime is averted, and uptime remains unwavering.

Accelerating Incident Response

In the event of a network anomaly or breach, the speed of incident response is critical to minimizing downtime and its associated consequences. Traditional visibility limitations often delay identifying the root cause of incidents, prolonging the time it takes to restore services.

Network TAPs and Packet Brokers address this challenge by delivering real-time, unaltered network traffic to monitoring and analysis tools.

Having immediate access to accurate and comprehensive data speeds up incident investigation and response. Security teams can quickly identify the source of the problem, evaluate its impact, and take corrective action without delay.

This minimizes downtime, ensuring that the organization can maintain uptime without any compromise.

Holistic Infrastructure Understanding

A holistic understanding of network infrastructure is pivotal to maintaining uptime. Network TAPs, Packet Brokers, and Inline Bypass offer a panoramic view of network activities, allowing organizations to identify potential bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and preemptively address vulnerabilities.

This deep insight into the network's intricacies enhances capacity planning, ensures optimal performance, and contributes to the seamless delivery of services.

Smooth Sails with a Guiding Light

The transformative impact of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, and Inline Bypass is evident in the elevated forensics detection, accelerated incident response, and enhanced tool performance they deliver.

Visionary solutions offer clarity and wisdom by upholding the stringent standards of CALEA compliance, enabling security operations to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence.

Looking to illuminate your cybersecurity strategy with visibility solutions but not sure where to start? Join us for a brief network Design-IT consultation or demo. No obligation - it’s what we love to do.


  1. Forensics Detection: The process of analyzing digital data and network traffic to identify and investigate security incidents, breaches, or unauthorized activities, often used to gather evidence for legal proceedings or incident response.
  2. Mean Time to Respond (MTTR): A metric that measures the average time it takes for an organization to identify, assess, and mitigate a security incident or breach after it has occurred, indicating the effectiveness of incident response procedures.
  3. Cloud Visibility: The ability to monitor and gain insights into network traffic, security events, and performance within cloud environments, ensuring consistent oversight and threat detection even in virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures.
  4. CALEA Compliance: The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) is a United States federal law that mandates telecommunication service providers and equipment manufacturers to provide technical capabilities for lawful electronic surveillance and interception when required by authorized law enforcement agencies.

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Written by Jason Drewniak

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