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Improve Visibility to Enhance, Remediate and Resolve Vulnerability

Network visibility is the base of all network activities, whether they be for security or monitoring purposes. After all, if you don’t have visibility, you lack an understanding of what’s going on in the network.

Cirries Technologies came to Garland Technology because they were looking for a reliable and affordable method of network access for their packet capture software solutions being implemented in an enterprise environment.

Discovering Prepaid Wireless Group’s Issue

Prepaid Wireless Group is one of the largest mobile virtual network aggregators (MVNA) in North America. They needed to improve network visibility to better enhance their services and retain their current customer base. As with many large enterprises, their network is a complicated, disparate hybrid network of physical data centers and cloud deployments that have grown alongside the organization.

With numerous network operations, a multitude of vendors and partners working within their environment, Prepaid Wireless Group needed to find a way to improve their network visibility and reliability, as well as correct any weaknesses to resolve vulnerabilities.

View our use case on how to gain visibility to Enhance Remediation and Resolve Vulnerability!


Obstacles to Overcome

They need to identify a platform across multiple networks that can integrate with the different applications and tools being used by the various traditional and cloud deployments. A singular platform would reduce the amount of time that the internal team spends troubleshooting and resolving any problems that arise.

The company also struggled with lack of visibility into specific parts of the network, which often led to obscured root causes of issues due to inaccessible data.


The Solution: Cirries Technologies + Garland Technology

Cirries Technologies worked closely with Prepaid Wireless Group to create a virtual network operation center (VNOC), which provided the organization with technical advice and operational support in terms of real-time infrastructure monitoring and maintenance.

Cirries Packet Capture solutions are a hybrid approach that can be deployed on virtual machines, in the Cloud and on standard hardware, making them the ideal solution for a disparate network. By utilizing Garland Technology Passive Fiber Network TAPs in combination with an Advanced Aggregator, Cirries’ PacketPoint suite is able to get 100% network access and visibility. This enables PacketPoint to capture and record packets at speeds up to 100Gbps, then aggregate the raw packet traffic into flow records to be read for real-time analysis, which delivers instant intelligence into network events and activities. Prepaid Wireless Group will now be able to quickly discover any network abnormalities, investigate, and mitigate the issue in a much shorter time frame than previously.


[Want to learn more about the use of Point Suite to perform packet capture? Check out the partnership between Garland Technology and Cirries Technologies for more!] 

Written by Rick Aguirre

Rick Aguirre is a veteran of the telecommunications industry. He has a successful record of developing start-up companies that have emerging, industry-changing technologies. As the founder of Cirries Technologies, he has led his team to develop the fastest data extraction and aggregation tools which deliver the right data at the right time for any application. Cirries' products can digest data from multiple sources and reduce it to the right format for real-time notification, storage, or application use to reveal real-time performance and security of any network. Rick’s passion outside of work is youth sports. In addition to coaching his children’s teams, he has coached Lacrosse in under resourced communities and has served on the Board for the North Texas Chapter of Positive Coaching Alliance.



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