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Garland Technology is committed to educating the benefits of having a strong foundation of network visibility and access. By providing this insight we protect the security of data across your network and beyond.


Garland Technology's resource library offers free use of white papers, eBooks, use cases, infographics, data sheets, video demos and more.


The TAP into Technology blog provides the latest news and insights on network access and visibility, including: network security, network monitoring and appliance connectivity and guest blogs from Industry experts and technology partners


Our extensive technology partnership ecosystem solves critical problems when it comes to network security, monitoring, application analysis, forensics and packet inspection.


Garland Technology is dedicated to high standards in quality and reliability, while delivering the greatest economical solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide.


Whether you are ready to make a network TAP your foundation of visibility or just have questions, please contact us. Ask us about the Garland Difference!

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TAP Into Technology

Leading the Way in Network Technology

How to Manage the Network Edge

Using Load Balancing to Improve Your Security Solution

Packet Capture: You Can’t Protect What You Can't See

Reducing Network Complexity for an Oil & Gas Giant

Monitor and Maintaining Your Zero Trust Environment

Debugging and Troubleshooting Performance Issues with the FieldTAP

SCADA Security Starts with Network Visibility

Building A Zero Trust Visibility Architecture

How an MDR Service Provider Selects the Best Visibility Vendors

How to Troubleshoot the Network Part 2: Solving Network Forensics Problems

7 Common Visibility Challenges in Industrial Environments

How to Provide Visibility to the DoD’s Zero Trust Cloud Security Initiative


How to Troubleshoot the Network Part 1: Common Problems and the Tools to Solve Them

Providing Visibility to your Industrial SCADA Virtualization Environment

What is Network Visibility and How to Guarantee 100% Data Capture

Why You Need Cloud Performance Monitoring For Network Visibility

Using Packet Capture to Enhance Public Cloud Confidence

Single Points of Failure: Understanding and Eliminating Them from Your Network

Provide Visibility and Improved Operational Efficiency for Banking Cloud Endpoints

How Does Garland Prisms work with Azure?

Building a Modern Observability Stack with Garland, Corelight, and Humio

Air Gapping: An Added Layer of Security for Cloud and Industrial Environments

How does Garland Prisms work with AWS?

Network Packet Visibility for Hybrid Cloud Environment

What is SSL and TLS and How it Works in Today’s Security

Monitoring Business Critical Application in the Cloud with Garland Prisms and Flowmon

How to Mirror Packets to your Monitoring Tools in AWS and Public Cloud Environments

Networking News [2019 Recap]

Don’t Choose The Wrong Network TAP

Considerations to Building a Test Lab Environment [Part 1]

Cyber Security Threat Breakdown [2019 Recap]

What’s Your Palo Alto NGFW Deployment Plan?

Top 10 Security Challenges of 2019

Become a JEDI Master with Cloud Packet Visibility

Cyber Security Threat Breakdown [Louisiana + Disney+]

How can your company become a leader in cloud security?

Networking News [Hospital Breaches Prove Fatal + California Privacy Laws]

4 Ways to Achieve Reliable Security in an Enterprise Network

Failsafe Deployment of 100G Inline Security Tools with EdgeSafe Bypass TAPs

­­­MSSPs: The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Network Security

Making a Case for Network TAPs to Provide Digital Legal Evidence

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Spooky Edition]

Why is the cost of network downtime so high in the banking industry?

Lights, Camera, Security! Cisco Shines a Spotlight on Garland Technology With Threatwise TV

Improve Network Packet Broker ROI with an Aggregation Layer

Networking News [Tool Sprawl + MSP Credibility]

Microservices: What Are They and How Do They Impact Network Visibility and Security in the Cloud?

Garland Prisms: A New Cloud Visibility Solution

Cyber Security Threat Breakdown [Simjacker + Ecuador]

3 Challenges to Consider When Building Your Cloud Security Strategy

Capture 100% Full Duplex Traffic with RegenTAPs

Network Visibility: 4 Reasons it Matters for Financial Institutions

Networking News [Cloud Security Doubts + Importance of NGFWs]

Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI with Garland Technology's EdgeLens

Decoding the User Experience with Accedian Network Monitoring

What is Driving the Need for Additional Network Monitoring?

Unleash the Power of Packet Slicing and Time Stamping in your Network

Cyber Security Threat Breakdown [MoviePass + Poshmark]

Network Visibility - The Rise of the Aggregation Layer

Do's and Dont's of Packet Acquisition

If You Build It (An Infrastructure), They Will Come (Malicious Data)

Aggregation in a High Density Fiber Network

Networking News: Cloud Monitoring + IoT Security

An Introduction to Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI

Cyber Security Threat Breakdown [Slack + Bulgaria]

What is a Network TAP, Anyway?

Is your Network Security Slowing you Down?

Networking News: 5 Cybersecurity Basics + Cisco AI

Understanding the Basics of Packet Data Acquisition

Born in the USA: The Story of Garland Network TAPs

Network Visibility in Public Cloud Environments

The Kryptonite of Network Latency

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [CBP + Evite]

Cisco Live 2019: Thoughts from Garland Technology

Network Visibility Fabric Design - Focus on the Core

The Battle Of The Bandwidth

Network TAPs: The Ultimate Draft Pick for Your Security Defense Team

Networking News: IoT Risks + Network Monitoring in the Cloud Era

The Importance of Network TAPs when Packet Capture is Mission Critical

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Trump Hotels + WhatsApp]

Solving Critical Network Security Problems

Solutions to Effectively Monitor Multi-Cloud Environments

Networking News: Security Spring Cleaning + Public Cloud

3 Places to TAP Your Network

Where in the World is Garland Technology?

SPAN WARS: Dropping packets in a network near you

Using Out-of-Band Tools to Improve Inline Effectiveness

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Georgia Tech + Toyota]

Using Application Programming Interfaces (API) to Manage Multiple Devices

The 101 Series: Quick Connect Tips for Inline Security Appliances

Networking News: Data Center Outages, IoT Security and SD-WAN

The Role of Bypass Solutions in a Network Visibility Fabric

The Essential Network Visibility Triad

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [March Madness + Google Photos]

Complete Network Visibility: Your First Line of Defense

3 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch for in 2019

How to Analyze Traffic Before and After Your Inline Device

Securing Data from Data Center to the Cloud

Network Security Starts with EdgeLens®

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Virtual Reality + Payroll Provider]

How to Make 40G Fiber More Accessible—A Primer on Cisco BiDi Technology

Does packet loss really matter?

What is your Heart Beat telling you?

Using Mighty Mouse Connectors to Ensure Network Access for Mission-Critical Operations

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [LA Times + Collection #1]

When and why to use BiDi Transceivers?

PacketMAX: Find your visibility truth

How to Maintain Network Visibility During an Infrastructure Upgrade to 40G

Network Visibility Fabric Design: Add an Aggregation Layer

DIN Rails: Versatility from telecom towers to industrial networks.

TAP into Complete Visibility for SDN

Maximize the value of NPBs with Garland Technology’s PacketMAX™

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Marriott + HSBC]

Bypass vs Failsafe: What's the Difference?

Foundation of Visibility: 6 Reasons to Choose TAPs instead of SPAN

What's the difference between BiDi and Bi-Directional?

Advanced Persistent Threat Activity Exploiting Managed Service Providers

The Smarter Things Network TAPs Do to Make Your Security Program Stronger

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Ohio Hospital System + USPS]

Secure your Surveillance System from a DDos Attack

Network Visibility Fabric Design: Starts with the Access Layer

Where TopN monitoring falls short

Back to Basics: Packet Capture & Analysis

TAP + Aggregation for Gigabit Copper Networks

Selecting the Right Packet Broker for Your Network

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Cathay Pacific + Pentagon]

Optimize your Network Design for Intrusion Detection Systems

How to capture and analyze all your network traffic

Network Engineer’s Guide to Reducing Mean Time to Resolution

The 101 Series: Breakout Network TAPs

Ensure Digital Integrity to Comply with GDPR

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [Bristol Airport +SHEIN]

Using a Breakout Cable with a Breakout TAP

Tips for Security Appliance Migration & Deployment

Ensuring Full Data Capture in Harsh Environments

When A Simple SPAN Port Is Enough

How to enable efficient and secure Industrial Control Systems

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [T-Mobile + UnityPoint Health]

Design-IT: How to TAP traffic in a virtual environment

How much is network downtime costing your company?

What role does Link Failure Propagation play in the network?

The 6 Levels Of Thwarting Network Security Issues

¿Y qué rayos es un Network Packet Broker (NPB)?

Detect The 5 Common Threats Of Network Downtime

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [TimeHop, Bithumb]

Improve Visibility to Enhance, Remediate and Resolve Vulnerability

TAP Test: Do you need a Network TAP?

Understanding Advanced Features in a Network Packet Broker

Challenges of Defending the Internet of Things

Back to the Basics: What is Network Monitoring?

Design-IT: Reverse Bypass Mode

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown [MyHeritage, Coca-Cola]

A Brief History of Multi-mode Fiber; Are you ready for what’s next?

How to Gain Full Visibility During an Instant Response Data Breach

Ensuring Digital Experience Management with Riverbed SteelCentral and Garland Technology

Ensure Complete Network Visibility for Your Incident Response Plan

How to Connect your Inline Application Monitoring Tools in 5 Steps

TAP One Link to Add Resiliency to Your Cisco Deployment

7 reasons why you shouldn’t choose SPAN as a real visibility access device!

Design-IT Solutions: Remote Management for Inline Devices

Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown - April 2018

Key Tools and Tips for Successfully Identifying Security Breaches

The 101 Series: Network Packet Brokers

Garland TAPs at Work for the SECCDC

What Happens When a Healthcare Computer Network Goes Down?

The 101 Series: Fiber Polarity

Understanding the Visibility Limitations of SPAN Ports

Design-IT Solutions: How to TAP a Wireless Access Point

The Legacy Effect on Industrial Networks

See Threats in Real Time with 100% Visibility

Fresco desde el grifo. Filtrado de información, El Bartender de datos

The State of Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Internet of Things in 2018

Design-IT Solutions: How to monitor your 100G network with incompatible tools

Fiber Optical Networking

5 Reasons to TAP your Network

Surprise—Copper Cables Still Dominate Industrial Networks

The 101 Series: Filtering TAPs

Tapping it in Barcelona

How to Identify and Prevent Phishing Attacks

Design-IT Solutions: Bypass TAPs add resiliency to the edge of the network

Leading the Future of Copper Network TAPs

What Is Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

La importancia de la visibilidad en la red

How to Defend Against TRITON Industrial Malware?

[Video] Network Connectivity: Industrial Ethernet

Design-IT Solutions: Aggregation to One Tool

[Announcement] Garland Technology is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

Putting Network Monitoring Techniques in Place

2017 Best of Blog - TAP vs SPAN, IIoT Adopters, SDN and more

[Video] Network Connectivity: Cabling and Connectors

Happy Holidays from the Garland Team

Garland & ExtraHop Team Up To Provide Real-time Data Capture for End-to-End Visibility

Light Loss Through Fiber Optic TAPs

What White-Box and Brite-Box Mean for Your SDN Deployment

[Analysis] Full Duplex Capture in Industrial Networks

Garland Partners with Edgecore for End-to-End Visibility Solutions

How to Monitor Encrypted Traffic and Keep Your Network Secure

Group Packet Competition at Sharkfest Europe 2017

Halloween Hack: Should SCADA/ICS be Scared?

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