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[eBook] The 101 on Network TAPs - the Definitive Guide

As a sales leader, my day is filled with training and educating resellers, network professionals and new Garland team members on the different types of network TAPs available. Depending on who I'm talking with, the conversation can be an overview of how TAPs work, the variety of functions performed by TAPs and what network scenarios network TAPs are commonly used with.

I discovered early on, that there weren't any resources for network TAP training and teamed up with our engineers and experts to create a blog series called The 101 on Network TAPs. The blog series has been so successful, we took excerpts of the key learning concepts and created a comprehensive TAP training guide.

Today, I'm pleased to introduce our new eBook, The 101 on Network TAPs - The Networking Users Guide, this is a definitive guide explaining the same concepts I explain everyday.

Not a ...'for Dummies' Book

The 101 on Network TAPs eBook is written for anyone in the network connectivity profession that needs a strong baseline of knowledge on network TAPs. In addition to the overall content, there are three call out areas to appeal to all knowledge levels:

TAP Tips - Easy to digest tips to save for later when you need to apply the knowledge

Remember - Don't forget this information - it's a key concept

Deep Dive - For networking and security professionals, we provide links to additional resources into technical concepts.


Download Network TAPs 101!

Pure Play Education

Are you one of many IT professionals that gets tired of being 'sold to' in what vendors are calling 'educational content'? We wrote this eBook with unbiased, non-vendor specific content. However, if you would like to know more about Garland's network TAPs  contact me and my sales team for a 2017 product overview.  

This eBook is made possible through the research and writing of Jerry Dillard, CTO/Co-founder of Garland Technology and George Bouchard, System Engineer at Garland Technology. Both Jerry and George are contributing writers for Garland's 101 Series on Network TAPs - an educational blog series on how network TAPs work and the different functions they provide to the overall network design for access and visibility.

[Ready to dig in? Read or download the eBook Network TAPs 101 - The Networking User Guide now!]

Written by Juan Garza

Juan is the Regional Sales Manager for Garland Technology representing the Western US territories. He has had 20 years experience in technology segments including networking, data center, virtual compute, cloud monitoring and semiconductors.