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Network Security Starts with EdgeLens®

Designed to redefine how you secure the edge of your network, Garland Technology is excited to announce the launch of our new, high density EdgeLens®, an inline security packet broker that is purpose-built to manage the network’s edge.

At Garland Technology our best-in-class Network TAP and purpose-built packet broker solutions provide an innovative, industry leading 360° view for modern visibility fabrics, in which the new EdgeLens plays a critical role.

Garland understands that the edge of the network continues to be complex in terms of the number of inline tools required to secure a company’s’ critical assets and infrastructure. The inherent problem with inline tools it that in the event of a failure, they can bring down the entire network, potentially violating corporate SLAs.

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We developed the new, high density EdgeLens to solve this very problem. By offering multi-segment 1G/10G bypass links in a 1U space, it can facilitate complete lifecycle management of up to four inline appliances, while also replicating traffic for use with out-of-band monitoring tools. The EdgeLens also allows for policy verification, historical lookback, speed translation, full bypass functionality, and Garland’s fail-safe technology.

EdgeLens Flow-NGFW

Key Features

  • 4 segment 1G/10G bypass: Out-of-the-box configurable for both SR and LR applications. The 4 segments of bypass allows for the management of 4 inline appliances, while maintaining network uptime through inline device installation, policy verification, firmware updates, and hardware refreshes.

  • Traffic replication to multiple monitoring ports: A copy of the live, inline traffic can be captured at both ingress and egress, and distributed to out-of-band tools like a Network Analyzer, SIEM, or Application Monitoring tool.

  • Historical Lookback: Looking at packets before and after they pass through an inline tool can provide Network and Security teams with the data they need for real time events correlation, change verification, and root cause analysis.

The EdgeLens is also capable of providing some packet broker functionality, with external TAPs from other locations in the network feeding monitor traffic into the available packet broker ports as ingress links. The EdgeLens can then take that traffic and provide filtering, aggregation, and load balancing for all of these incoming sources of traffic, distributing it out to many different network tools for full visibility.

Want to learn more? Schedule a quick demo of the EdgeLens® today.

Written by Jerry Dillard

Jerry Dillard, CTO and Co-founder of Garland Technology, leverages over two decades in design and engineering to ensure maximum performance within today’s network environments. Dillard, the inventor of the Bypass TAP, continues to innovate network visibility solutions worldwide.



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