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The 101 Series: Active Network TAPs—Where, When and How

on 9/14/17 8:00 AM By | Jerry Dillard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs The 101 Series
Because network connectivity is critical to any security or network monitoring project, people are always asking us which network TAP is right for them.  In a recent post, we discussed the ins and outs of passive network TAPs which are typically paired with out-of-band monitoring solutions.     Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at active network TAPs and see where, when and how they fit into a complete visibility strategy.    
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The 101 Series: Link Failure Propagation and High Availability

on 8/29/17 8:00 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network Infrastructure Network Design The 101 Series
Many customers that we talk to have more than one Internet connection at their facility. Referred to as a high availability (HA) scenario, this active/active or active/passive link setup ensures customers that when the primary link goes down (because it will fail at some point), traffic can automatically be forced to the secondary link. The following graphic is a basic illustration of how link failure propagation works.
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[Training] TAP Modes - Test Your Knowledge

on 7/27/17 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Network TAPs The 101 Series
A few weeks back, my sales team introduced a new training video concept to our reseller partners. We sampled a group of 100 by asking them to watch this five minute video, take a 5 question quiz, and then provide feedback on the content and format. We had an overwhelming positive response. After a few changes, based on our reseller's suggestions, I'm excited to share our new training video with you. Please take 5 minutes out of your day for a little bit of educational enrichment on all things TAPs.
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The 101 Series: Bypass Network TAPs Keepers of the Critical Link

on 3/28/17 8:00 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Management The 101 Series
There are some great network tools on the market that provide protection for your organization's operations on the Internet. The problem with using them is that they can do the unthinkable by introducing a potential “point of failure” when inserted directly into the path of the Critical Link. The Bypass TAP was developed specifically to resolve the problem of an in band security appliance causing a “point of failure”.
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The 101 Series: Why Do We Need an Aggregating Network TAP?

on 2/28/17 8:30 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Design The 101 Series
If you remember in my post on Breakout TAPs, there was a small problem when your network analyzer or monitoring device only had one network interface card (NIC). You could only look at the traffic going from ports A to B or the traffic going from ports B to A, but not at both streams of network traffic at the same time. Also, a breakout TAP can only send network traffic to a single analyzer or monitoring device. Now, breakout network TAPs are still a great solution for many situations, but nevertheless, engineers love solving problems – so they set out add more functionality by developing the Aggregating TAP.
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The 101 Series: A Primer On Network TAPs

on 1/31/17 8:00 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs The 101 Series
When the subject of Test Access Points or Traffic Access Point (most commonly referred to as a network TAP) comes up, the image that may come up in people’s mind is a device that taps into the network to allow a copy of the traffic to be sent to an analyzer.   And, on a very basic level this is true. So many people dismiss TAPs as simple ways to gain access to their network traffic for analysis. The truth is, the subjects of network TAPs is quite complex, read on to learn about the six different network TAP designs.
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